Once upon a time, there was a little paper crane. Everything was fine, but everyday was the same.

The little crane was blowing in the wind, floating steady and slow. Then all of a sudden, a Ninja appeared! Coming from the shadows.

The Ninja replied, "I'm the Seattle Ninja and I'm here to protect the city." The crane said, "I'm here to give you hope, loyalty, and longevity."

The crane spoke softly and said "I'll be here for you til the end of time". The Ninja was grateful and knew that this crane was a very good sign.

The crane replied, "You must be faithful and never sell your honor for any amount of gold" The Ninja agreed and so the story begins to unfold...

The Ninja wanted to create other cranes that represent Love, Nature and Peace. He wanted to make everything work, piece by piece.

But it doesn't come easy when you have to be humble and do it with grace, Everyday is a challenge, when you want the world to be a better place.

Love can fade, People might fight over irrational beliefs, and Nature can lose its leaves, permanently.

Things can change and disappear into the ground, but there's one little crane that will always be around.

I hope you find that little paper crane, It'll be bring you hope, even when it rains.

Thank you!

The little red crown left the garden to see what awaits. The crane thought about the zen rock, but knew it was too late.

The paper crane saw children running across the grass. There was a school nearby and the kids were getting out of class.

As the kids ran off to play, the little red crown noticed someone reading a book. What's a book!? The crane doesn't know, so it flew by to take a closer look.

The boy felt someone close and said, "Hi, my name is Peter, what's your name?" The little crane was nervous and said, "I don't have a name and I'm not a real crane"

Peter replied, "that can't be true, This book claims that all cranes have names." The little crane sighed, "It's the Little Red Crown. Zen, the rock gave me that name."

Peter replied, "You become a real crane when you pass the magic gate." The crane was curious and asked, "If that's true, Can you show me the way?"

The boy answered, "You must go to the high mountain and meet the Kitsune Fox." The crane said, "Thank you Peter, we had a nice talk."

Peter replied, "Thank you, you're very kind, it's hard to make friends because I'm blind". The crane replied, "The pleasure is mine. I'll wish I had magic to make you unblind"

The boy replied, "I can see the world inside my mind, I just wish the world outside, can be more kind."

The Little Red Crown went on a new adventure, in search of hope, regardless of any danger.

The Little Red Crown was at the top of the Mountain and was getting very tired. But it never gave up and kept going higher and higher.

The clouds would float above the sky, as the day would turn to night... and then from a distance, there was a magical light.

The crane was curious and thought that was weird... And all of a sudden, the Kitsune fox appeared!

The Kitsune Fox spoke, "Who do you think you are? You are not allowed here!" The little crane shreiked, "I'm the Little Red Crown, please have no fear."

The fox asked, "Why did you come here? Nobody's allowed to pass these gates" The crane replied, "I want to help my friend Peter, before it's too late"

The fox replied, "I know that boy. Last winter, some hunters tried to kill me at night, Peter saved my life, but the gun powder exploded and he lost his sight."

The crane asked, "Will you help me restore his sight, my only wish is to do what's right." The Fox sighed, "I've tried my magic but he needs a different light".

"I'll let you pass because you're really polite, your heart is pure, and I know you'll find that magic light.

The crane replied, "Thank you Kitsune Fox! I will make things right." The Little Red Crown went on a magic flight.